Add papers to Mylist (paper list)

Create a new list

  1. Input the title of the list.
  2. Click the ‘+‘ in front of ‘Create List’.

Add papers from search results

  1. Show the search results.
  2. Check the papers you want to add.
    If you want to check all papers in the search results, increase the number of the papers per page to show all papers in one page, and click the check button in the menu bar.
  3. Check the list that you want to add the papers to.
  4. Press ‘Add‘ button.
  5. To see the contents of the list, click the name of the list.

Tasks with the paper list

  1. Reorder the list, by dragging ↕ in front of the paper.
  2. Press ‘Get reference list‘ button, to export the list as a reference list.
  3. Press ‘Get DOI list‘ button, to export the list as a list of DOI.
    (This DOI list can be used to backup the lists, or to share the list to the other user. )
  4. Remove selected item‘ button can remove a record of a paper from a list.
  5. Press ‘Get Data‘ button to export ALL data associated the papers in the list. It will take a few minutes. If the data is too big, the system may get in timeout.
  6. Remove list‘ can remove a whole list. This process is not recoverable, so take a backup for important lists.



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