Use datafiles in Python

1. Reading datafile By executing the following script, we can read all data in the JSON file. # Read libraries import json import pandas as pd # Load a JSON file and store in a dictionary f=open('JSON_RDB_test.json','r') dict_all=json.load(f) # Create pandas tables (DataFrames) from the dictionary df_rawdata=pd.DataFrame(dict_all["rawdata"]) df_paper=pd.DataFrame(dict_all["paper"]) df_figure=pd.DataFrame(dict_all["figure"]) df_sample=pd.DataFrame(dict_all["sample"]) df_property=pd.DataFrame(dict_all["property"]) Let's see the contents … Continue reading Use datafiles in Python


Starrydata API

We have implemented APIs for Starrydata web system. You can get all data associated to specific paper/figure/sample by the following URIs. JSON data for a specific paperid(='sid')/figureid/sampleid A specific element of an entry A list of paperids/figureids/sampleids that contain specific atoms in the sample compositions,Te,Te,Te,Te  (for … Continue reading Starrydata API

Save data from papers

By clicking 'Data' for the paper of interest, users can start data collection. WebPlotDigitizer (External web system) is embedded at the bottom of the page, to extract data from images. Click 'Edit' button at the right top of the gray region, to show up Save button. (The 'Edit' button had not been implemented in … Continue reading Save data from papers