Save data from papers

By clicking 'Data' for the paper of interest, users can start data collection. WebPlotDigitizer (External web system) is embedded at the bottom of the page, to extract data from images. Click 'Edit' button at the right top of the gray region, to show up Save button. (The 'Edit' button had not been implemented in … Continue reading Save data from papers


Search papers

You can search papers whose bibliographic information is already stored in Starrydata2. Select the paper list 'All'. Select the search methods from the Keyword pull-down. (SID: Starrydata ID) Type the keyword to search in the Keyword text box. Currently, the system does not support search by multiple keywords.  Spaces will be recognized as parts … Continue reading Search papers


When you sign up, you can make your own lists of paper, browse datasets, and edit/add datasets. We do not want much of your personal information, but we would like to prepare personal environment for each user, and identify which user added/edited which data. Access, or click 'Signup' from the menu bar of … Continue reading Signup